About Kollect Systems

Kollect Systems is an innovative tech platform provider in Collections, Debt Recovery, Agency, Legal and Repossession management. In the areas of Banking, Credit Cards and Lending operations, Kollect provides KollectApps (BankTech) software solutions which leverage AI based decisioning and workflow technologies to help perform Collections & Debt Recovery processes automation better. For Hire Purchase and Leasing companies, Kollect provides KollectRepo  (BankTech) to enable the ecosystem for lenders, repo agents, store yards and auctioning advance process automation. And for mid-size to large scale enterprise companies, KollectValley (FinTech) is used to automate Receivables Collections, Notifications, Reminders, Segmentation & Risk Scoring, e-Invoicing, Customer Portal & Online Payments better.  Kollect’s solutions in summary are as follows  :

  • KollectApps(BankTech),
  • KollectRepo(BankTech) and
  • KollectValley(FinTech)

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