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Accounts Receivable Collections: How to Get Late-Paying Customers To Pay On Time

 A year or two ago, your business was probably running pretty smoothly, with sales and profits growing. And then the recession and credit crunch hit-a brutal double-whammy- and everything started slowing down almost overnight, including your accounts receivable collections.~ by Gene Siciliano Whether commercial or consumer, your customers started paying your accounts receivable later and later,...

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Five Ways to Improve Collections in the 21st Century

  With billions of delinquent dollars still uncollected around the world, collection centers are searching for new, more productive and profitable ways to pursue overdue accounts. In this quest, many companies have re-evaluated long-held beliefs and have actually found that some of these assumptions are restricting—rather than promoting—their success. ~ by Lois Brown With billions of...

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About Kollect Systems Sdn. Bhd.

Kollect Systems is a leading technology provider of Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management Software Solutions. Kollect provides specific solutions to help its Customers focus on their clients reduce arrears and optimize profits throughout their Revenue and Profitability Lifecycle. As experts in Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management, Kollect continuously brings enterprise level scalable software technologies to the doorstep of its Customers. This helps to reduce Arrears Delinquency, Bad Debt and Improve Tracking & Profitability. Kollect, being a MSC status and TUV Quality certified company has its global HQ in Malaysia and leverages on partners for regional presence in ASEAN, Asia South, Middle East and Africa.

Enterprise Revenue Collections & Debt Recovery Software Systems
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Data Analysis, OLAP and Multi-dimensional Cubes for Online Interactive Reporting

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