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Testimonial / Clientele

Before we struck the partnership with KollectValley in early 2016, Cheng & Co. was grappling with a manual–based system for the management and collections of its A/R. Reminders were being sent out either by emails manually constructed or postal delivery. Not only was this method inefficient and unproductive, it lacked integration with our ERP Accounting System. A bigger challenge was in managing our A/R across several locations in the country.

Once we brought the KollectValley system into our operations, we knew we were moving in the right direction. The automation of reminders has brought about significant improvements in average collection days from 100 days to 35 days and cash flow has risen to comfortable levels.

Going forward, more initiatives are in the pipeline with this platform, such as Self-care Customer Portal and Payment Gateway integration to enhance our customer interaction.

We are impressed with the team at Kollect Systems. They are made up of very knowledgeable, competent and responsive people who are able to address issues and prescribe solutions in a timely manner.

On behalf of the Group, I wish Kollect Systems all the best in its endeavours with KollectValley.


Chief Operating Officer
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