Enterprise Debt Collections System

One-Stop Center – Collector’s Dashboard Workstation

  • A One Stop Centre for all the Accounts assigned to the teams.
  • Allowing collectors to focus their activity based on system advise & priority to optimize customer reach & recovery effort. The indicators are segregated in quadrants depicting the state of the accounts.
  • The colour of the quadrants change depending on accounts in that state.
  • Gamification for ranking & performance tracking allows for team’s self-management.
  • Bird’s eye view of the collector’s performance.

Work Allocation & Assignment

Workflow allocation :

    • Automated Allocation of cases –
      In-house & 3rd parties
    • Alerts & Trigger
    • Automated Notification & Reminders

One-Stop Center – Customer Info, Patterns & Alerts

  • The Customer & Account Management consists of a consolidation of different Financing products and collection information grouped logically.
  • The Customer – Quick Access provides a summarized view of key triggers and alerts on a Customer & Account including:

– Call Recommendations

– Critical State of Account

– 6 months payment trends

– 3 months deep dive of Payment trends

  • KollectApps adopts the concept of Information push rather than Collector searching for information.

Treatment Action Workpad – Rich & Mature Features

  • Treatment Actions Workpad allows the different users to perform various actions including:

– Promise to Pay (PTP)

SMS, Email & Letter

Place a Call

– Settlement Plan

– Waiver

– Forensic

– R & R

– Management Approval

– Manual Escalation

– Visitation

– Repossession

– DCA Request

– TPS (Skip Tracing)


– Dispute

Holistic Collections Action History – Consolidated View

  • The History section provides a consolidated view of all Actions created for a specific Account.
  • The filter options are available for specific history search:

– Account Number 

– Action Type

– Date Range

  • The Collector is able to invoke specific actions TAW (full action details) from the History listing.
  • The Customer – Quick Access also provides a summary listing of all actions performed.
  • This approach drastically improves efficiencies and reduces the toggle time for Collectors searching for information.

Management Console – Monitoring Team’s KPI

  • KollectApps caters for live Collector’s KPI tracking via:

– Activity Analysis 

– Collector Analysis

– Supervisory Monitoring

  • The KPI Console provides for the monitoring of:

– Collector Receivables

– Contact Status

– Payment Summary

– Actions Summary

– Login & Usage Info

  • KollectApps continuously provides live reporting in addition to generating pre-scheduled reports. The Dashboards and Table Listings are designed for Reporting and exporting of data in real time.

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