QnA for Accounts Receivables Assessment

1. Challenges - Do you have any of this challenges :*

2. Credit Terms - Does your company give Credit Terms (30 days, 60 days, 90 days) to your customers?*

3. Invoice Quantity - How many Invoices, Credit Notes (CN) & Debit Notes (DN) are issued monthly?*

4. Accounting System(s) - Which Accounting, ERP or Billing systems do you use?*

5. A/R & Credit Staff Quantity - How many people are generally chasing for payments?*

6. Do you pay company SST/GST Monthly or Quarterly?
(Total Annual Revenue Below or Above RM 5 Mil)*

7. Have you ever engaged with a 3rd party Debt Collection Agency?*

8. When will you be interested in seeing a demo at your office?*