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Check out the latest news and insights regarding debt collections, receivables & payment systems

Collecting Accounts Receivables

Source: Small Business NotesKeys to collecting debt legally and successfully include preparing a policy and procedure manual and a credit application form. A measured approach to debt collection is better in the long run than immediately going to a collection agency...

7 Ways To Consolidate Debt

Source: investopedia.comBorrowers who seek to consolidate their debts today have more options than ever before. Student loans, credit cards, car payments and other types of debt can be moved around in many different ways to get ahead of the curve. Knowing the pros and...

13 Strategies to Speed up Collections

Source: Credit-to-Cash AdvisorBefore the Money is DueEveryone doing business knows that a sale isn’t a sale until the cash is in your bank account. Getting it there when you need it, however, can be a real challenge.Most companies wait until an invoice is past due...

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