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Kollect Systems

Debt Collections, Receivables & Payment Systems

Kollect Systems is an innovative tech platform provider with BankTech and FinTech
software solutions which leverage AI based decisioning and workflow technologies
to help lenders (BankTech) to perform Debt Collections & Recovery processes effectively
and for mid-size to large scale enterprise companies (FinTech), to automate Receivables,
e-Invoicing & Payments better. Kollect also provides an AI based Biometric solution for
Face & Fever Scanning to manage the Covid-19 challenges.

KollectApps (BankTech)

KollectApps is an advanced integrated platform targeted for
the benefit of BankTech entities that undertake lending and
financing operations. KollectApps automates Debt Collections,
Recovery, Agency, Legal, Repossession, Write-off, Dialer,
Data Integration, Reports and Analytics process.

KollectValley (FinTech)

KollectValley automates Receivables management,

Workflow Strategies with process automation (RPA),

Receivables Analytics, eInvoicing, Payment processing,

Customer Portal via web & mobile and Invoice Financing.


(AI based Face & Fever Scan)

KollectScan is a new offering for Face & Fever Scanning

to manage the Covid-19 challenges.  This includes a

AI based face and temperature scanning IOT device

which integrates with the cloud based platform built

by Kollect that supports of eKYC, visitor management,

contact tracing, time attendance tracking and online reports.

Why Engage With Kollect ?

Kollect brings to the doorstep of each client, the cumulative knowledge and experiences over two decades with extensive technology enabled capabilities for better revenue collections, cash flow, treasury and customer management.

AI Driven Technology

Advance AI technologies are used extensively in Kollect’s software platform to intelligently learn and advice you on how to engage with your customers


Deep Expertise

The deep domain knowledge in Banking, Government, Receivables, Cash flow, Treasury and Payments permeates throughout the teams at Kollect Systems. 

Committed People

Dedication, innovation and commitment are integral attributes that you will find when you engage with Kollect’s teams. Our teams are intense and focused to deliver value. 


Flexible Engagement

We always accommodate and adjust in our projects. You can engage us as service (SaaS) or fully procure the solution. It depends on your budget, timeline and requirements. 

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